10th Anniversary

On this 27 December 2009 “Chorale La Fidelité”  is celebrating the 10th anniversary at work of God.

On this party day many people have been invited to share joy and to thank to God for a great work that he is making from 1999 up today.

More than 15 couple pastors from different churches, 3 other choirs, couple Heads of 9 Chapels, Deacons, more than 100 Students from different universities and high schools are supposed to join that party.

22 certificates will be rewarded to the leaders of Chorale La Fidelité and Nyakayaga Baptist Students leaders and others people who worked hard in the development of this choir.

The 1st January 2010 : The New Year

On 1st Jan 2010, It was a wonderful day at Nyakayaga Baptist Church. Christians had a time to thank God about his great Love because he protected them along the year of 2009. They praised the Lord from the morning (6:00 am) till 1:00 pm. After, It was the time for “Chorale La Fidelité”.

We shared tea and cakes among us and authorities of the church (Pastors, ushers, church elders, and different Christians). It was a time to say “Happy New Year” to everybody and take a new vision about activities that we are going to accomplish in this year.

We have hope that our Lord will help us to do whatever we need in the name of Jesus Christ.


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